About Mindzamaze

Mindzamaze was conceived as a quest to unravel the amazing mind to find solutions that will transform our lives.

Be a part of this journey to discover and strengthen the power of the self, to augment your inner resolve and to impel your imagination. Learn to balance work and personal life and create a positive environment around you. Find your own answers, destress yourself and find happiness as you discover the real you!

Sanjukta M Sahni


Hi, I am Sanjukta, a life coach (ACC), mentor and trainer who believes in the power of the self and in using effective tools and methods to empower people and help them delve deep into their immense potential.

I specialize in motivating people to let go of stress, to question themselves and to enhance their potential. My mission is to inspire people to lead an enlightened life and guide them to discover their inner strength. My style is a blend of thought provoking questions leading to self discovery interspersed with destressing sessions.

I am also an active member of an NGO that spreads awareness on internet safety and security among children and young adults.