Stress impacts each individual in a different way; there is no single rule. The trauma, consequence or effect of stress is distinctive, based on perception, potential and belief among other criteria.

Mindzamaze programs are personalized in order to cater to every individual. The modules are designed for both individuals and groups.

Interactive sessions on understanding and managing stress are interspersed with coaching sessions that will help you introspect, find your own answers, empower your mind and move towards building a stronger you.

Improve your self-confidence, communication skills, relationships, work-life balance and performance at work.

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Mindzamaze modules:

  • Reflection: Who am I (Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hours)

Deep dive and discover yourself, your strengths and your true potential. Find out who you are as you take these exercises and determine your inner strength and power.

  • Deliberation: Eustress Wheel (Duration: 45 mins)

Build awareness towards the positive aspects of your life and bolster self motivation.

  • Direction: Managing Self (Duration: 1 hour)

Encourage yourself and take command; become your own guide towards reducing stressors while building your latent strength. Make perceptive and quick decisions on how to manage yourself as you become adept at recognizing the early signs of stress. As you overcome challenges you will achieve your goals.

  • Reverberation: Echoing Steps (Duration: 45 mins)

Make changes to your life, your environment, your relationships using a plethora of time tested tools and techniques. These simple tools are there to empower you and may be used every day or whenever you feel the need.

As you go through each of the sessions above you will discover the real you, the strong person that resides within and is able to cope with any difficulties and eventualities.