The shoe does not fit!


“Ouch!  This shoe does not fit”, said Juni, “and it hurts!”

It was the one she liked, chosen after painstaking ‘research’! She had discarded numerous pairs….too flashy, too dull, too stark, too shapeless, narrow and pointed, heels not right, not the right color and finally picked out the befitting perfect pair. A beige pair of sandals, three dainty straps tied together with a bow, 1.5 inch heels, just right for her 5 feet 6 inches height.

So why did it hurt?

We often find ourselves in similar situations….that seem just right, made to order, the heart-stopping romance, the terrific spouse, friend, partner, the amazing job, the perfect moment and yet they seem to disappoint after that initial high.

However, after ironing out initial concerns, changing our perspective, making minor adjustments, accepting certain inevitable situations, it does move towards a more positive and acceptable scenario. Something that can be handled and that does seem fine after all!

Coaching is such a process where one size does not fit all; one method, one set of questions is not enough. Coaching is a powerful tool where powerful questions, focus, perseverance, trust, faith, will, ability and a desire to change are needed to come up with the right formula that helps the coachee discover self and solutions. And the results speak for themselves!

Juni did find the right pair after all; she only needed the right size and now look at her strutting around in the chosen, loved, favourite pair!


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