Rainbow ahead, violet to red


It was devastating…my world came crashing down! There was a weight that kept pulling me into the vortex of the swirling whirlpool. I saw myself spiralling down, my mind spinning out of control and then it just went blank – a void! No thoughts, no feelings, just a numbness.

What just went wrong? My life seems to be turning upside down; the stars are losing their shine, so hazy, so dull!

“…When all of a sudden, the brightness has gone, Life wears a grey mantle, the mind is forlorn…”

“Come out of this stupor”, I tell myself. “I am strong, I am confident, I am determined, I am a rock, I am in control…..no situation or circumstance, person or experience can overpower me. I choose to define my own path and tread it.”

The choice is always mine. The signs at the fork in the road are as clear as crystal “takecharge” or “crashout”. I choose “takecharge”!

“…Such a moment comes, when the soul just cries; The rose that was blooming, then withers and dies…”

But all is not lost, the grey clouds will clear. Life holds lots of surprises, I have nothing to fear. I always believe that the rainbow is just out there, a little out of reach behind the grey clouds. Life’s tests are a means to reach out to that rainbow.

I pick myself up, and start putting pieces of my life together…I am in charge, as always!


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  1. T says:

    Loved your blog, these posts are very interesting, there’s so much to learn about ourselves! Thanks!


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