Shoot an arrow or present a bouquet?

I was driving. The man overtook from the wrong side and almost brushed against my car.

I cursed!

The cook forgot to roast the spices! Intentionally or did she actually forget? Labor and drudgery for me!

I got annoyed!

My son left the breakfast bowl on the table and disappeared. There he goes again! Repeat offender.

I was irritated!

Boom, boom, boom!

I just fired three arrows! How did that leave me feeling? Negative, and not too happy!

This is almost a daily routine with many of us. Without realizing, we let go of emotions that leave us feeling terrible. Is that necessary? Not really.

It would be wiser to take these moments with a pinch of salt or to laugh it off or to communicate and let the person know.

Present a bouquet and the emotions change; the mood lifts; the environment around becomes positive. Easier said than done, but possible. With a little push from within, it can be accomplished.

Not only does this make one feel happier, it creates an energy that attracts the positive.

Shoot an arrow or present a bouquet? The choice is ours to make.


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