The Hazy Subconscious

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We are often confused with the conscious mind versus the sub-conscious. Which one is more powerful or rather do we have any power over the sub-conscious? It appears out of reach, beyond the bounds and a hazy shadow at a distance.

However, that is not so. Imagine your conscious mind as a charioteer that holds the reins of the horses and guides them. The horses are the sub-conscious, controlled and trained by the charioteer. They obey orders.

Have you ever been waiting for your loved one and when the time for their return is overdue, had horrible thoughts about what has gone wrong? The conscious mind is conjuring up some terrible images of what has happened, why the delay. This forces the sub-conscious mind to bring up all the emotions and feelings connected to such thoughts. It has no idea whether what you are thinking is real or imaginary. It cannot distinguish between the two, it only obeys orders from the conscious.

Now you are in a state of agitation, palpitations have increased and you are sweating. As your heart beats faster, the thoughts get worse. Stop these thoughts! Wait a moment and think rationally. Is there something really wrong? There isn’t. These are just your thoughts floating off into the direction of choice. Change your choice; reverse the direction. It is in your hands to consciously coax the mind to think differently. Probably my loved one is stuck in traffic; could not leave on time; met up with some friends and lost sight of time or is on the way back. Pick up the phone; communicate!

You will feel so much better. Why? The sub-conscious now throws up those emotions that are relaxing and calming. The palpitations subside; the heart beats regularly and you are in control.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it almost is. Making it a habit will slowly give you more power to change your thoughts with ease. Practice this every time thoughts tend towards the negative. And you will see a miracle slowly take place as your conscious mind takes charge of your sub-conscious. The hazy shadow now appears more visible, more in your grasp.


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