Watching the shifting shadow

My eyes darted to the wall…I could see my shadow…it moved, it shifted, it grew larger and smaller. My eyes glazed as I gazed into the past. I could see the shadow once again. It had shrunk to a pitiful self, it could hardly move, overwhelmed by the adversities that life had thrown at it.

It went into a contemplative state, an introspection of sorts. Time to focus on what went by, why it happened, what was the message delivered and how to react. Deep into the sub-conscious mind the shadow dived in and pulled out some coherent thoughts. It felt a sensation. The thoughts coaxed the conscious mind…an agreement of sorts.

I saw the shadow pull itself out of the shrunken state. It grew, it emerged, it was well-formed, a flicker of light, shades of black and grey blended into a spontaneous alacrity.

My eyes darted to the wall and watched the ebb and flow of the shifting shadow over the period of time…over the period of my life and I grew in strength with every rising.


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