The Power of Self Discovery

Mary loved Adrian. They had a powerful connection, a bond that was stronger that steel. She could read him like a book, could feel his pain, his joy, his anxiety, even when there was complete silence between them. Life went on as usual.

Of late Adrian was withdrawn. He came home later than usual, spent most waking moments glued to some gadget or was spread out in front of the television. This became as excuse for a gradual breakdown in communication. Something was amiss. Was she losing her touch? What happened to her vibes? Why was she unable to fathom what he was going through and the wall between them seemed to go higher and higher.

As a coach who got the opportunity to interact with Mary, I found this a challenging yet redeemable situation. Through a series of steps, I coaxed and encouraged Mary find her own solutions.

I created a non-judgmental environment seeking to build a bond with Mary. Using positive body language, gestures and voice modulation, I created an ambiance of acceptance, trust and comfort.

I kept Mary engaged and focused by captivating and meaningful analogies, whenever she digressed from the predicament that she sought answers for. This helped her go deep within her sub-conscious, discover her weaknesses, her strengths, her foibles and follies.

My coaching persona of active listening and attentiveness propelled her towards deep diving and realizing her mistakes, her speech, her body language that was somehow offending Adrian. The energy I created through lightness and positivity helped her in further building her confidence in the ability to improve the situation.

She found her own solutions as her thoughts, beliefs and perceptions were challenged during our communication through intense, well-directed, simple yet well-articulated questions. She was determined to work on herself; to look at the relationship with a new perspective. She was keen to create an environment where she was true to herself, non-judgmental and unbiased towards her spouse. She wanted to gift him the freedom of a private space and yet be there to hold his hand and share their space.

Coaching abetted in making Mary more intuitive and caring; discovering alternatives and solutions that would otherwise have escaped her.

Soon, the sun shone brighter for Mary, the dark clouds were lifted and she saw the rainbow of her relationship in all its bright colors!


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