Watch your thoughts! Turn them around!

Is this a dream? Why do a see a gypsy in front of me as I walk down the path? It is a beautiful garden, flowers blooming, yellow and pink, a stream with little fish swimming around in groups, a gentle breeze and the mild scent of spring in the air. And all of a sudden, this colorfully dressed gypsy lady, adorned with numerous beaded necklaces and radiant scarves, watching me.

She grabbed my hands and looked piercingly into my wonder struck eyes and said, “Watch your thoughts, my dear! TURN THEM AROUND!” Then just as suddenly, she released my hand and disappeared into the greenery, before I could blink or say “Hello!”. What was that? I do NOT believe in gypsies, no more than my daughter believes in fairies.

I kept walking on and my thoughts flooded my mind. My colleague, how could she behave so? She was preposterous! Explaining an idea to her was like trying to pierce a brick wall with a nail or knocking on a thick wooden door. She would not get it, would she? I was so exasperated!

Oh dear! There I go again. Did the gypsy read my thoughts? Is that why she spoke so? Was I being too harsh on Jane? What was it that the gypsy said so ominously? “Watch your thoughts…Turn them around!” What did she mean by that? How could I do that?

Worth a try I guess! Why was Jane behaving like that? Probably I was not too lucid? Maybe she takes longer than most to comprehend. I should try to be more patient, mustn’t I? She is not a bad soul really, just a bit thick in the head. No, not so…she is just a bit slow. And she does have some wonderful qualities too. She is simple, tenacious, hardworking and extremely helpful.

There! I did it! It felt so good. It really did.

The next day, I bumped into Jane. I smiled and so did she, though a bit surprised, but pleasantly nevertheless. And as I sat down to explain my ideas patiently and as thoroughly as possible, her eyes lit up. She got it all! Really?

It was effortless, it truly was. So that is what it was all about. Just flip it around, the negative thought into a positive one. Yes, surely, this is what my “dream” gypsy implied. Why not give it a try once again! I smiled too.



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