Day 1: Hello There!


It is strange that sometimes we lose control of ourselves as we direct all our attention and focus to those around us. We think that they are responsible for what we feel, for our thoughts and how we act. We forget that everyone around us is there to share and provide support and energy, but the control on self lies with us.

Today, let us pause for a moment, take a deep breath and look at the mirror.

Whom do you see there?

Say “Hello there!” Smile… and say “How are you? You look good!”

Look at yourself as if looking at your friend; notice the eyes, the smile, the face. Become a closer friend to the reflection, than your ever were before.

Admire yourself!

For the next 21 days start each day by saying hello to yourself.

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love!” – Casandra Brené Brown | PhD LMSW, research professor | University of Houston.

Your mind workout starts today….go on to Day 2 and as you close Day 1 think of one specific thing you love about yourself.

1st ROW-01



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