Day 4: Tune In & Tune Out


Have you ever experimented with a tuning fork? Noticed how it resonates with the surrounding musical instrument? You are a tuning fork too. The energy that spreads around you, starts from you.

An irritable person will find people around who are irritated.

A disgruntled person will be found among a flock of angry, annoyed or disappointed people.

People will gradually move away from a nervous person.

Do you find yourself a captive to a negative emotion? What does it do to you? Does it in any way impact your body, mind, health? Identify it!

Identify that energy that does not resonate with you and tune it out of your system. Every time it starts to build up or bring up its ugly head, focus on your strength. Think about your strength. The negative emotion drains you. Let it not overpower you.

Tune out the emotion, feeling or thought that spreads a negative tune all around.

Tune in that emotion, feeling or thought that defines you; that resonates with you.

Anger, bitterness, confusion, impatience, unworthiness and the list goes on. These are emotions that try to knock on our door and walk past the positive ones like love, humility, gratitude, patience.

As you tune in and tune out repeatedly, it becomes a lot easier to do so.

Go on and try it out…it is your “tuning” day!

Coming next Day 5: Taking Charge!

Recap: Day 1Day 2, Day 3

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