Day 8: Humbly Yours

Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

In life, managing relationships is usually our biggest challenge and the bottleneck is ego! Agree or disagree?

These are some situations one encounters. Similar challenges seem to pop up every now and then in my life too.

My spouse is at fault! How dare he/she?

The kids are wrong! How could they talk to me this way?

My mother does not understand. She just will not listen!

Earlier, my reaction would be, “they all seem to have such large egos! Nobody listens!”

Over a period of time a different realization dawned. What about my ego? Have I ever looked deep within? Is my ego controlling me? Is it making me act unreasonable?

As I took charge of myself I realized that my ego had to be overpowered. It need not raise it’s head at every instance. I sought humility.

Some of the best world leaders are humble and yet strong enough to bring out the best in people, empower, motivate and energize them. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte and APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, to name a few.

Humility creates a different aura that attracts people. Relationships become more open and respectful. Communication improves, which is an extremely important aspect of any relationship.

One has to work hard to manage oneself, to lower ones pride and to choose logic over emotions. Once ego is overpowered, relationships improve. Sometimes it works so well to step down a little from one’s high horse and then see the magic it creates!

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2nd ROW-08

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