Day 10: Magic Carpet

magic-46325_1280Now that the mind has gone through a series of ‘exercises’ it is time to slow down and meditate through visualization.

I call this visualization my ‘Magic Carpet’. It takes me wherever I want to go and soothes my mind, de-stresses me making me more aware and alert at the end.

Sit comfortably and so some deep breathing; follow the Day 6 breathing exercise.

Then close your eyes and imagine that you are climbing on to your magic carpet. Sit down on it. The carpet starts to lift up and slowly flies out of the window.

As it flies higher and higher you start looking around and observing your house receding. You see the treetops and buildings, cars and meadows all becoming smaller and smaller. See the colors, the shapes, the movement. What more do you see?

You hear the sounds around you. Birds are chirping. There are other sounds as well. Hear them. See the clouds floating by as you climb higher on your carpet.

Let the carpet hover above a place that you love. Look around you. Feel the gentle breeze blowing on your face. Reach out and touch the clouds. What do they feel like?

What do you smell around you? Is that a whiff of your favorite dish? Can you taste it too?

Keep floating around on your carpet and take in more of what is around you. Use all your senses; see, hear; touch; smell and taste.

You are now totally at peace, enjoying the journey and savoring each moment. All the stress has gone out of the body. You are totally relaxed.

Bask in this relaxed state for some more time and then slowly fly back home on your magic carpet. It lands you back where your started and you gradually open your eyes.

How do you feel?

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