Day 5: Taking Charge


“What we think we become” – This quote by Buddha has always intrigued me. As I continue to experiment with my mind and thoughts, I find myself appreciating it’s power and meaning.

The mind works endlessly; a jumble of thoughts (averaging to 3000 per hour)!

“I could not do my work since my colleague kept bothering me.”

“I cannot discuss anything with my friend/spouse/kid as they will not listen.”

“I fail to complete my work as my boss keeps peering over my shoulders.”

Common scenarios and thoughts? Experienced often?

Yes! Each one of us goes through similar situations and many more each day of our lives. These affect us badly. We cannot think straight. We get stuck in a rut and the same thought keeps running in our minds again and again and again. An endless loop!

The more we think, the worse we feel. The more we think, the less we achieve. The more we think, the deeper we plunge into the whims of the mind.

This impacts the way we behave, our actions and the results.

Is there a way to trick the mind? To change these thoughts? To reduce the thoughts?

Sure there is. Take ownership! Take charge! You know you can. No one is responsible for what you think and the way you feel. It is you alone who has that choice.

Ingrain a different set of thoughts in your mind – “I am in control of my life!”; “I take ownership!”; “I take charge!”

Once the mind is tricked by new thoughts, it becomes easier to find solutions. The desperation, the negative thoughts, the haplessness disappears.

Now it is easy to close your eyes and think of the possible solutions to the situation. There are endless possibilities…always.

“If my colleague bothers me, what should I do; what are my options?”

“If my friend/spouse/kid will not listen, what must I do to make them?”

“If my boss peers over my shoulders and disturbs me, what is the best I can do to avoid this.”

Work towards taking charge, towards using your own strengths to handle a situation, towards revising the thoughts that run around in the mind.

It is definitely not an easy task. It takes time and repeated effort. Do not give up. Allocate 6 months to yourself to start with and the change will be visible. Take Charge!

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Day 6 is a short exercise in breathing right.

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