Day 7: Mind Power


You now have the power to seed thoughts into your mind. Go ahead and start empowering yourself.

Every time there is a feeling of helplessness, a desire to hurt, or a negative thought, push it away. Let your strength and different perspective of the situation provide a new solution, a new thought.

Here is an exercise that helps. Draw an imaginary circle around you. Stand in the circle and say the thought aloud, the negative one. Accept it. Now shake it out of your system by literally shaking yourself and then step out of the circle.

You are now ready to change your perspective and replace your thoughts. That negative feeling has vanished! Poof!

A friend, Alice, always felt helpless and threatened when her boss was around. There was just no way to escape the feeling. It affected her communication and work. She felt like someone was driving her and she had no control. He seemed to find her soft spot and bother her about work.

I advised her to try a different strategy. Put herself in her boss’s shoes and think of possible reasons for his behavior… “Maybe, my boss is having a bad day!”; “He probably had a fight before leaving home!”; “He is going through some troubled times!”

Alice also said to herself, “It is not me he is annoyed with, so why worry!”

Changing her perspective reduced the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and anxiety. The burden on her mind reduced. She was able to react better. She felt better. Her respect for self and others improved.

Our reaction to a situation or person is always in our control. It is a matter of finding what works best in any particular situation. Pausing to think and then responding rather than reacting, provides those few seconds of time to gain control, to empower self and the mind.

These 7 days were about knowing and accepting self, and seeding thoughts. During the next 7 days the workout will help you gain more control on self and take complete charge.

It is not easy to work on the mind, neither will our thoughts go away completely. The advantage we have when we empower our mind, is that it becomes easier to come out of a difficult situation. The time invested in a negative thought, feeling or situation is reduced and that in itself has a positive impact on stress levels.

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Day 8: Humbly Yours


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    Great stuff!


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