Day 11: Achilles’ Heel

Achilles – Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay


Oh, how it hurts to be hurt!

As social beings we are always around people and constantly adjusting to each other. This also creates a window for being hurt especially by the people we love.

Everyone has a vulnerable spot, a week spot, an Achilles heel. If one finds that spot, it is easy to hurt someone and so difficult to reverse it.

One fine day it dawned upon me that every time I have been hurt, it has been an opportunity to discover more about myself or people around me. It has resulted in learning and growth.


Let us follow the sequence of how we get over being hurt.

First – We feel like curling up in a ball and wanting to disappear. We ask ourselves why we are hurt. What are the reasons for feeling the way we feel. And as we probe deeper and deeper, we reveal more about ourselves; it opens up our minds.

Second – We cry, we let it all out. It is good to have an outburst and vent out the bottled up emotions and feelings. This acts like a release of all that is inside; a sort of a catharsis.

Third – We start to introspect; What went wrong; Did we do something to deserve this? Did we hurt the other person in some way earlier? What can we do now? How do we rectify the situation. What can we do differently now, in order to not hurt once more.

And lastly, we let go and start anew. Letting go and forgiving is difficult, yet when it happens the mind is at rest and we feel good. The continuous tension eases.

It is worth the while.

As you practice this, it becomes easier to extract oneself from hurt faster, recover and learn from it to move on.

Day 12: No Equation – is there any point comparing oneself to others?

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