Day 14: Others’ Shoes

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Look into the mirror. What do you see? Yourself, right? Now look at the mirror. What do you see? The dust or marks that are on the mirror! It sure does need cleaning!

Just a slight change of perspective did the trick.

We interact with people all our lives and often we look at the person only from our perspective. Based on that view we build such thoughts in our minds.

“How dare he ignore me!”

“How can she talk to me like that. Does she know who I am?”

“Look at her. She looks ridiculous in that dress.”

“Have you seen the way he walks?”

Will these thoughts change if we change our perspective? Maybe, maybe not! But we can try.


We can consciously put ourselves in the other persons shoes and change our view. Pause to think and take a different stance.

“He is ignoring me because he seems busy with an important activity. Let me wait”

“Well, I was a bit rude to her, wasn’t I? So let me tone down.”

“The dress is ridiculous, but she seems happy to wear it. Let her enjoy it, though it is not my choice.”

“There might be something wrong with his leg, a sprain probably?”

Scenarios such as the ones above are encountered often. We could even be at the receiving end of similar situations.

Reacting the moment one sees or hears something is not necessary. Give yourself a little time to think it over, change the thoughts running in your mind and then speak. That little pause goes a long way in propelling one into the other persons shoes and adopting a different view. Empathy!

The first days were about knowing and accepting self, and seeding thoughts. During the next 7 days the mind workout was about how to gain more control on self and take complete charge.

The next 7 days will be about achieving that higher state of mind.

Day 15: Happy Place is a light meditation.

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