Day 15: Happy Place


Today is your day…you are at peace!

Today is your day…you are content!

Today is your day…you are happy!

This is the time to spend on yourself. Fourteen days of mind workout has yielded some results. You are proud about the progress you have made. Today you will rest your mind and take it to your happy place.

Sit in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight. Take a few deep breathes and focus on your breathing.

Now close your eyes and enjoy taking a few more deep breaths.

Slowly take yourself to the place where you love to be. It could be someplace you have already been to and enjoy visiting or someplace that you have always dreamt about. It could be the beach, the mountains, a place of worship, a favorite den or nook, the woods, or any other.

Transport yourself to your happy place and imbibe the surroundings. Look around you and see the things there, the colors, the people, the clouds, the greenery, etc. Enjoy looking at each and every thing you can see as you look to your left, right, above, below and all around you.

Hear the sounds, the birds, the bells, the splashing water or the silence and much more.

Reach out and touch what is closest to you. What does it feel like?

Take in the aroma, fragrance and smells that surround you. It reminds you of the time you were there. You feel so happy and so at peace. Smile and absorb it all.

Now get a taste of your favorite dish as you relish it while you spend more time in your happy place.

All the stress leaves your body; every tensed muscle is resting now and is relaxed. You feel light and rested, peaceful and calm. Enjoy being here for some more time and keep relaxing your body. Focus on your breathing. It is gentle and quiet.

You are at peace!

You are content!

You are happy!

Slowly open your eyes and come back to the room. Rub your palms together and put them over your eyes. Thank yourself for letting go of all the stress.

‘Day 16: Care to Share’ up next.

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