Day 20: Groove On

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As we traveled through the last few days we have worked on exercising the mind and empowering ourselves.

It has been a journey of self-discovery, of tuning in to bring in positive energy, and of taking charge. As we delved deep into our minds to change our thoughts we experienced the power of empathy, of controlling anger and of not comparing ourselves with others.

We discussed being non-judgmental in the previous post on Day 19. Being open and non-judgmental leads us towards appreciating people better.

Appreciation can bring an immense difference in someone’s life. And the joy it brings when one becomes a harbinger of change is matchless.

It takes so little to make someone happier; just a few words of appreciation can do the trick. You notice the spring in their walk, the smile on their lips and the glint in their eyes. They achieve much more than what is expected of them.

Appreciation is a way to show gratefulness and respect for one another.

So groove on…appreciate… enjoy yourself and feel the rapport with your surroundings, with people around you.

We close this program with the final post Day 21: Thank You!

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